Has Your Child Been Injured in a Day Care? What You Need to do Next

The A&M TeamPersonal Injury

Families all across Oklahoma rely on day care centers and other child care providers. When you selected a day care, you probably researched your options carefully, read reviews, and asked your friends and family for advice. However, even if you’ve done your research thoroughly, it’s still possible for your child to suffer an injury when attending day care. If your child has been injured at a day care facility, you have rights and may be entitled to compensation.

Has your child been injured at day care? Here are 5 facts you need to know.  
  • Day Care Facilities are Responsible for Your Child’s Safety. Even if your child was injured as the result of an accident, the day care may still be at fault. Child care providers in Oklahoma are legally required to provide a “reasonable duty of care” to your child. This means ensuring a proper ratio of staff to children, providing only safe and age-appropriate meals and toys, offering a clean and child-proofed environment, and more. Regardless of how your child’s injury occurred, you may have a personal injury case if you can prove your day care provider was irresponsible or negligent.
  • Release Forms and Waivers Don’t Prevent You from Suing. Most day care centers will require that parents sign release forms stating that the day care center cannot be sued for injuries that may occur. This can often dissuade parents from filing a day care negligence lawsuit. The truth is that you cannot sign a contract to waive your legal rights, and most release forms will not hold in a court of law. Regardless of what you’ve signed, you still could have a strong case.
  • If Your Child Needs Medical Attention, You Need a Lawyer. Some parents may wonder if their child’s injury is sufficiently severe to warrant legal action. A simple answer is that if you’ve had to seek medical care for your child, you should consult with a day care injury lawyer in Oklahoma. However, even if your child does not need medical attention, you still may have a strong lawsuit, so don’t think you must see a doctor to have a case.
  • Day Care Lawsuits Cover Many Different Injuries and Situations. Some parents might think that only certain specific situations could be grounds for a lawsuit, like obvious physical injury. In reality, regardless of the nature of your child’s injury, an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer will consider your case. For example, it’s possible to file a lawsuit based on emotional or mental abuse. No matter what your situation, a law firm can help you understand your rights and options.
  • Contact an Oklahoma Day Care Lawyer Immediately. If your child has been injured, it’s important to act quickly. Once you’ve provided the medical care needed, your next call should be to an experienced day care negligence lawyer in Oklahoma. A qualified firm will review your case and advise you how to move forward. The faster you call a lawyer, the more likely your case is to have the necessary evidence for success.

At Atkins & Markoff, our experienced attorneys have decades of experience handling child abuse and neglect cases, day care lawsuits, and other personal injury cases in Oklahoma and beyond. If your child has been injured, you have rights. We’ll fight for you – contact us today for a free legal consultation.