Study: Drowsy Driving is 10 Times the Problem We Thought

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Chances are that at some point you’ve driven on too little sleep or too late into the night, putting yourself at risk for driving while drowsy. Although you may have realized this wasn’t the best situation, you probably had no idea just how dangerous it was. According to a recent AAA study, drowsy driving is almost 10 times more prevalent than previously … Read More

Is It Worth It to Sue Over a Dog Bite in Oklahoma? 

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The days and weeks after a dog attack can be a very confusing time for the victim and their loved ones. Victims who suffer serious injuries from a dog bite often experience a range of emotions, from fear to anger to confusion. Although these victims understandably want justice and … Read More

How to Report a Dog Bite in Oklahoma

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Most dogs are loving, loyal companions who never harm anyone. However, it’s a sad fact that some dogs do attack and bite victims, usually due to the negligent behavior of dog owners. This problem is especially pervasive in some areas of Oklahoma.  Getting bitten or … Read More

Is It Medical Malpractice? Understanding the Law in Oklahoma

The A&M TeamMedical Malpractice

We place a lot of trust in our doctors, nurses, and hospitals. When medical mistakes occur and lead to health complications and other bad outcomes, it’s understandable for the victims to feel angry, confused, and betrayed. But how can you know whether the mistake that injured you constitutes medical malpractice?  … Read More

Does Oklahoma Follow the “One-Bite Rule” for Dog Attacks?

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If you’ve been injured in a dog attack or know a victim who has, you may have heard about a “one-bite rule.” This rule supposedly says that every dog gets one free bite before the owner can be held liable for the dog’s behavior. In this article, we’ll clear up some common misconceptions about the one-bite rule and explain whether … Read More