Different Types of Drug Charges in Oklahoma

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There are many different types of drug crimes, some of which come with very serious repercussions. Unfortunately, drug crimes are a very common occurrence in the United States and many people find themselves faced with prosecution for a wide range of allegations. It is important to note that drugs are broken up and classified into different categories based on a … Read More

An Update on the Takata Airbag Recall

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As we reported back in October, airbags produced by the Japanese auto supplier Takata have been massively recalled, and the number of affected vehicles is only growing. The company began manufacturing airbags in 2000 and the recall was first issued in 2008 due to the discovery that the airbags were equipped with faulty inflator mechanisms that caused the airbags to … Read More

Just For Men Hair Dyes Linked to Chemical Burns

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In recent years, Just For Men hair dyes have been linked to chemical burns and other severe reactions. Manufactured by Combe International, Just For Men is being accused of causing some users to experience allergic reactions, chemical burns, severe itching, redness, swelling, and other adverse reactions. Here at Atkins & Markoff, our team of lawyers are committed to representing men … Read More

Why Bike Accidents Happen?

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In recent years the bicycle has become a popular mode of transportation, whether you are commuting to work or simply using it to get around the city quicker. However, cycling can also be extremely dangerous, especially in areas that do not have designated bike lanes. A large majority of cycling accidents take place because of distracted vehicle drivers and the … Read More

Three Common Motorcycle Injuries

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Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents take place every single day in Oklahoma. Whether due to reckless riding, poor weather conditions, or distracted drivers, these types of accidents can result in serious injury or even death. Riding a motorcycle is both dangerous and a thrill, which is why it is important to be prepared in the event of an accident. In doing so, … Read More

Common Reasons for Car Accidents

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Every year hundreds of thousands of people in the United States are seriously injured or die as the result of an auto accident. In fact, auto accidents are the leading cause of preventable deaths among people aged 3 to 33 in America. While these statistics are shocking to say the least, it is perhaps more important to note that the … Read More

Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Owners

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Motorcycle accidents occur for numerous reasons, many of which can be prevented by taking the time to adopt safe riding practices. However, these types of accidents may also take place because of no fault of the motorcycle navigator himself. Because of this, it is oh-so important to know exactly what to do after being involved in a motorcycle accident. We … Read More

Three Myths About Common Law Marriage

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It is probably safe to assume most people are familiar with the term ‘common law marriage’, but understanding what this means in different states can be quite complicated. Many people assume that common law marriage is legal and recognized in all 50 states, but this is not the case. In fact, there is a distinct difference between cohabitation and common … Read More

Five Common Prenup Agreement Mistakes

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Prenuptial agreements are a smart option for many couples. While the notion of a prenup agreement oftentimes comes with negative connotations, there are many advantages to these agreements. Prenup agreements give you a safety net in the unfortunate event you and your spouse decide to separate down the road. Suggesting that you and your soon-to-be spouse sign a prenup agreement … Read More

Smart Estate Planning Tips for Families

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Estate planning is one of the most commonly avoided tasks by Americans, which is both understandable and a mistake. While no one likes to think about death or the idea of a future that doesn’t include you, failing to take control and have an estate plan drawn up can do far more harm than one may realize. The topic of … Read More