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Few things are more nerve wracking than suffering an accident or injury that restricts your ability to work. When these accidents occur on the job, however, you can file for workers' compensation with your human resources department. Workers' compensation is paid to employees who are injured in workplace accidents that they had no part in causing. Such compensation is covered through the employer's insurance, since workers' compensation coverage is required of nearly every employer in Oklahoma. This prevents workers from suffering serious injury only to lose their ability to work and suffer financially, as well.

Atkins & Markoff is a seasoned law firm in Oklahoma City that represents injured workers across the state. Our lawyers understand the intricacies of workers' compensation law and strive to help each client understand, as well. We take the time to communicate in detail with our clients and ensure that they are fully educated on their rights, their legal options, and what we are doing to handle their cases. Anyone who has been severely injured or disabled in a workplace accident should not hesitate to set up a free case evaluation with an Oklahoma attorney from our firm. We have handled all types of workers' compensation and disability cases to satisfactory results.

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Workers Compensation Cases We Handle

If your injury is serious enough that you need to take time off of work, but will be back within a year, you may be eligible to receive workers' compensation through your employer's insurance. If you are not expected to return for at least a year, however, you may be eligible for disability compensation. Disability means that your injury has severely reduced your work capacity or has caused you to be unable to return to any kind of work at all. If you are evaluated and meet the requirements for disability, you could receive either temporary disability or permanent disability.

Our firm also handles unique workers' compensation cases, such as those which qualify for the Oklahoma Multiple Injury Trust Fund (MITF). The MITF is available to cover the damages of those who have suffered two or more workplace accidents and have ultimately become permanently disabled. Our firm can also help you pursue vocational rehabilitation if your injury has affected your ability to pursue a career or obtain a decent job. We also help clients report any change in condition that could affect their compensation or disability, and we fight for the rights of injured workers who have been denied workers' compensation.

What makes Atkins & Markoff stand apart?

Our firm focuses on communication. We remain by our clients' sides throughout their legal process and we educate them thoroughly about their case. By choosing a lawyer from our firm, you will get all the answers you need and have a comprehensive understanding of what your case involves. Our attorneys also strive to obtain the results our clients need, so do not wait to find out what we can do for you!

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Atkins & Markoff is prepared to evaluate your case and help you take the first steps toward obtaining fair compensation for your injury or disability. We know your rights under Oklahoma workers' compensation laws and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive as much compensation as possible for your accident and injuries. Our legal team includes two lawyers - Jeffrey Atkins and Melissa Lipe - who have been included in Oklahoma Super Lawyers®, proving that we have the skill and recognition to handle your case. Your initial case evaluation is free, so contact us today!

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