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Are you struggling with an unmanageable amount of debt? Are you absolutely certain that there is no way you can repay your debts in a reasonable amount of time? If your answer to each of these questions was "Yes," then you may benefit from the bankruptcy process. Many people shy away from the idea of bankruptcy, but even though it is not for everyone, it is not inherently damaging for consumers. There are many bankruptcy myths that make people believe that bankruptcy is only necessary for irresponsible or bad people, but this is not true. Bankruptcy was designed to provide a fresh start for anyone who has fallen into extreme debt due to unfortunate circumstances of all kinds, such as medical bills caused by a serious accident or overdue mortgage payments resulting from the loss of a job.

Atkins & Markoff is a seasoned law firm with more than a century of combined legal experience. Our team of bankruptcy lawyers provides comprehensive counsel for each client, ensuring that they understand the full extent of their situation and that they are able to make educated decisions. Consumers can find financial freedom by filing for bankruptcy, but there are alternative options that should be fully considered before filing. Our firm can advise and guide you in the best possible path that you should take to resolve your debt issues and start over fresh.

Bankruptcy Options and Services

Our firm is practiced in consumer bankruptcy cases. If you have no income or if you pass the means test, you can file under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. This option requires you to liquidate all nonexempt assets and property, applying the value to your debts before the rest are discharged. Consumers who have steady income but are still unable to repay their debts in a reasonable amount of time may be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This option allows them to set up a three- to five-year repayment plan where they pay as much as the possibly can, after which their remaining debt is discharged.

You are likely facing creditor harassment if you are in debt and considering bankruptcy. Our attorneys know your rights and will fight relentlessly to stop harassment and help you decide what steps to take. If your home is about to be repossessed by the bank, we can also provide aggressive foreclosure defense and help you work with your lender to pursue an alternative. This could be through a loan modification or a short sale, both of which could also help you to avoid bankruptcy. Credit restoration is your ultimate end goal, so find out what we can do to help. Our firm will stay by your side from the moment you walk through our door until your credit is where you've always wanted it to be.

Contact an Oklahoma Lawyer from Atkins & Markoff

By retaining a bankruptcy attorney from our legal team, you will have constant access to your lawyer. We strive to provide excellent communication and will always respond to your calls and emails within 24 hours. Our team understands the complexities of the bankruptcy process and will make sure that you do, too. We believe that it is just very important for our clients to comprehend their legal process so that they can make wise decisions and have confidence in their choice of a lawyer. Atkins & Markoff has more than a century of combined experience and has a strong legal team, including Jeffrey Atkins who has been selected for inclusion in 2008 - 2012 Super Lawyers®. Contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation!

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